Poster design analysis

The poster I designed has multiple pictures of young people drinking and partying, and every face has a black box over it so their identity is not revealed. There is a blank space at the bottom with text that says “What will the world learn about you?” The message that I am trying to convey with this is if you have pictures like this on your Facebook or another social media network, then people who you don’t know might judge you based on those pictures. This is especially an important message because employers often look at their applicants on Facebook. The hope is to make people more aware of how they present themselves online.

The typography at the bottom of the poster is black and in Courier New font. I chose this font because it looks like it was typed on a computer and the idea of the poster is about the internet. And I chose black because the space behind it is white, and the simplicity of it makes the message very clear. The space of the poster is separated into two spaces, with five pictures fit into a square going from edge to edge at the top, and a rectangle of white and text at the bottom. The shapes and sizes of the pictures are different, but they are all fitted together into a square shape which makes it look organized but busy and interesting at the same time. The lines of the pictures overlap within the square, and every side of the picture cluster is a straight line. There are many colors in the top part of the poster, but the black boxes over the faces and the black and white in the bottom part balance it out. The texture of the pictures is busy, and the boxes over the faces are smooth and look like they were just placed on top–they don’t look like they are part of the picture, which was the intention.


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