Blog header analysis

The blog header I designed has small square pictures of faces and icons on a grid. I thought this was a good fit for our topic, “Branding You: Privacy and Technology for Students at the U of O”. The faces are a representation of students who use social media networks and other forms of technology that can put their privacy at risk. The typography reads: “BRANDING YOU: Student Privacy and Technology”. ‘Branding you’ is in capital and bold which makes it obvious that it is the subject of the header. ‘Student privacy and technology’ is the subhead. The font I chose looks kind of technological or high-tech, which also ties in with our topic. The picture in the header takes up the entire space, and continues beyond the box so it looks like there are a lot more of the small pictures that we can’t see. The type does not line up on the grid lines, which makes it easier to read. The only shape in the header is squares on a grid. The small pictures of faces make the texture of the image very busy. The pictures have many different colors in them which make it look busy and the borders of the pictures are all black which calms it down. The color of the font is a greenish-teal because I thought it stood out the most against the background.


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